PICRUSt’s Precalculated Files

PICRUSt requires the downloading of precalculated files.

These files can be downloaded using the download_picrust_files.py utility.

Download the set of files that correspond to the version of Greengenes that you used for OTU picking (see Picking OTUs for use in PICRUSt)

The minimum set of files are:

  1. 16S for copy number normalization (used in the script normalize_by_copy_number.py).
  2. Whatever type of function predictions you want returned by PICRUSt (e.g. KO or COG). This is used in the script predict_metagenomes.py.

Greengenes v13.5 (and IMG 4)

If you would also like to get confidence intervals you will need these additional files:

Greengenes 18may2012