– Starts multiple jobs in parallel on multicore or multiprocessor systems.


This script is designed to start multiple jobs in parallel on systems with no queueing system, for example a multiple processor or multiple core laptop/desktop machine. This also serves as an example ‘cluster_jobs’ which users can use a template to define scripts to start parallel jobs in their environment.

Usage: [options]

Input Arguments:



-m, --make_jobs
Make the job files [default: None]
-s, --submit_jobs
Submit the job files [default: None]
-d, --delay
Number of seconds to pause between launching each job [default: 0]
-n, --num_jobs
Number of jobs to group commands into. [default: 4]


No output is created.


Start each command listed in test_jobs.txt in parallel. The run id for these jobs will be RUNID. -ms test_jobs.txt RUNID